What is Soundcharts?

How Soundcharts works, what it can do for your business, and what makes it different

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Soundcharts is the leading analytics platform in the music industry.

It is a SaaS platform that provides global, real-time insights on the artists' performance and market trends, monitoring data at scale across AM/FM radio airplay, digital music services, and key social media platforms.

What can I do with Soundcharts?

We built Soundcharts for the music industry. Depending on your role in the business, you can use Soundcharts to:

  • Monitor song releases performance

  • Audit broadcast reports 

  • Get data insights and confirm the potential of the artist you want to sign 

  • Measure the impact of marketing campaigns across all mediums and platforms 

  • Locate growth opportunities and identify high-potential local markets

  • Get a complete view of an artist's playlist exposure and optimize your playlist strategy

Who are Soundcharts users?

  • Project Managers 

  • Marketing/Promotion teams

  • A&R teams

  • Artist/Artist Managers teams

  • Distributors teams

What sets Soundcharts apart?

Soundcharts is an all-in-one tool that provides complete, real-time data, covering every area of an artist's career: from social media and streaming to radio airplay. Soundcharts collects the data across all the sources and compiles it into a simple, integrated dashboard.

We are not tech people doing data analysis for the music industry. We are music industry people doing tech — so we know how the business works and what data professionals need to make better decisions.

Instead of the raw, disconnected stats, we bring our users the insights they can act upon.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more, you can reach us at help@soundcharts.com or talk to us directly via the in-app support chat!

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