How to set up weekly reports?

A quick overview of an artist/song weekly performance sent via email

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There are two weekly reports on Soundcharts - artist & song weekly reports.

Artist weekly reports

You can click on the 'Create notifications' button next to the artist's name on each artist profile. Then, set up your preferences!

Weekly reports highlight the artist's performance over the last week across social platforms, playlists, charts, and airplay.

Song weekly reports

You can also manage notifications on a song to monitor the performance of an individual track and personalize your report by choosing the charts you want to focus on.

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  • Keep track of the artist’s development & song's performance: from playlists to social media and airplay, our reports provide a complete overview of the artist’s and song's performance.

  • Share the good news with your partners: reports summarize the artist’s progress in a visual, digestible form.

  • Hear as much as you want: customize the frequency (e.g., every day, every Monday, every Friday, etc.) of your reports depending on your data needs.

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