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How can I share Soundcharts' data with my team and partners?
How can I share Soundcharts' data with my team and partners?

Invite and share music data to your team

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Collaboration is a critical element of the music industry

Managers, booking agents, promoters, record labels, publishers, lawyers, and so on β€” all those people and companies across the music business are working together to build an artist's career.

Soundcharts was built with this in mind.

  • Everyone can join: while using Soundcharts on the free version, your team has unlimited seats designed to optimize data collaboration in our network-based industry.

  • Shared access: all your colleagues and partners can get the data they need, making data-sharing as easy as copy-pasting the link.

  • Manage the rights of your team members: from full "admin" access to "read-only."

How can I invite a new user to my team?

  • Click on your profile name

  • Click on the name of the team you want to add users to

  • Go to the Users tab

  • Click on 'Invite a new member'

How do I share Soundcharts data with my team?

It's easier than exporting a CSV:

  1. Invite the person you want to share information with on your team.

  2. Copy and paste the URL of the view you want to share!

Can I share a single artist data profile with someone?

No, not yet. When you invite someone to your team, that person will have access to all artist profiles your team has access to.

πŸ† Champion tips πŸ†

  • You can filter and sort the data on the page you will share before sending it over to your colleague or partner. The person will be able to see exactly what you want them to see!

  • If you want the person to see its information but don't want to share the rights to use artist credits, invite them as a Guest (read-only permission).

😻 Our users love it 😻

Artist career management: share information with local PRs to show how an artist performs on the radio in their territory. Below for example, you can see a page ready to be shared with Ed Sheeran's PR team in Argentina πŸ‘‡

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