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Why are some songs missing from the artist profile?
Why are some songs missing from the artist profile?

About missing tracks on an artist profile

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There are two reasons why that might happen:

1. The song is not in our database yet

Soundcharts starts tracking a song if (i) it is present on any of the streaming platforms and (ii):

  • it had a spin on one of the radios we track

  • it was added to one of the millions of playlists we monitor. If you know a playlist where the song appears, send us a message with a link to the playlist at

  • it appeared on any of the digital charts we track. Read more about our data sources here.

Give it some time โ€” it will probably appear on our radar shortly. However, if the song meets any of those conditions and it's still not visible on the platform, it might be because you are not looking at the correct artist profile.

2. The song is linked to another artist's profile

...most likely a duplicate due to metadata issues. Soundcharts gathers data across multiple sources, sometimes sending us different names and identifiers for the same artist. Most of the time, we will automatically link the artist data to the right profile.

However, as streaming platforms may send us contradictory information, it can happen that our system doesn't find a match and creates another profile to host the song's data. If that seems to be the case, give us a heads up at, and we will merge the profiles in a few minutes!

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