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Why are some playlists missing from Soundcharts?
Why are some playlists missing from Soundcharts?

Some playlists are not showing on the dashboard

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We monitor millions of playlists (read our data sources for more information) and try to get the best coverage of the major streaming platforms, but we might still be missing one or two.

If that seems to be the case, send us the link to the missing playlist at, and the data will shortly appear on Soundcharts.

Don't worry; we will keep you posted on your request πŸ’ͺ

One other common issue might be that you are looking at a song/artist profile where the track is no longer in the playlist, or that we didn't match the playlist's tracklisting data to that song.

If you are on Chrome, you can investigate this by downloading our extension and trying to activate it on its Spotify profile to be sure that we do not track it.

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