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How does it work

Airplay insights are the overview of an artist's airplay on Soundcharts. At a glance, users can quickly analyze the impact of an airplay strategy or understand the markets in which the artist has growth potential.

X plays from Y countries

  • Answer the following questions: Which radio stations are playing the artist? What do they play, and how often?

  • Also, discover new markets in which an artist has radio reach.

Airplay over time

  • Understand the daily evolution of plays globally over any time frame to monitor radio promotion.

  • Deep dive into different markets to see the coverage by territory.

  • Focus on a specific station and see if the broadcast strategy works as planned.

Radio plays and reach

Real-time insights enable customers to take action and reach out to radio stations that stopped playing the act or focus the promotion on radio stations that have the best reach.

Radio reach means the sum of followers across the station's official Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Understand which radios play similar artists, and you could potentially contact them too.

Live Feed

Stay on top of what is going on: monitor the real-time broadcast feed around the globe.

😻 Our customers love it 😻

Radio promotion/Artist development:

  • Monitor radio partnerships (e.g., the radio plugger dealt that the radio station would push the song on release day)

  • Detect adoption or growth potential in new territories


  • Claim royalties based on radio plays

Radio programmers:

  • Evaluate how many plays an artist has on any given radio station/benchmark against other stations

If you are not yet a customer and want to try it out, you can explore it for free on Tones and I's profile.

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