Feature highlights 

  • Airplay outreach per territory 

  • Total of plays across all countries

  • Top radio stations featuring the artist

  • Radio reach

  • Related artists

  • Real-time broadcasts

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Radio promotion/Artist development: 

  • Monitor radio partnerships (eg. the radio plugger dealt that the radio station would push the song on release day)

  • Detect adoption or growth potential in new territories


  • Claim royalties based on radio plays

 Radio programmers:

  • Evaluate how many plays an artist has on any given radio station/benchmark against other stations

How does it work

Airplay Insights is the overview of an artist's airplay on Soundcharts. At a glance, users can quickly analyze the impact of an airplay strategy or understand the markets in which the artist has growth potential.  

Airplay Insights

  • Answer the questions "Which radio stations are playing the artist, globally or in a specific market? What do they play and how often?"

  • Discover new markets in which an artist has radio reach

Airplay over time

  • Understand the daily evolution of plays globally over the last 7 days, 28 days, 90 days, 12 months, and all-time to monitor radio promotion

  • Deep dive into different markets to see the coverage by territory 

  • Focus on a specific station and see if the broadcast strategy is working as planned

Radio plays and reach

Real-time insights enable customers to take action and reach out to radio stations that stopped playing the act or focus the promotion on radio stations that have the best reach.

  • Radio reach means the sum of followers across the station's official Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

  • Understand what are the similar artists and which radios they are being played on and you could potentially contact them too.

Live Feed

  • Stay on top of what is going on: monitor the real-time broadcast feed around the globe.


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