What's 'Compare artists'?

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Under the market intelligence section, you can find Compare artists on the left side of your screen.

Compare Artist tool allows you to compare fanbase data for up to three artists!

Want to try it out? Click here to compare Ava Max, Anne-Marie, and Bebe Rexha!

Benchmark artists in one click πŸ”‘

  • Get an insight into the artist's career: compare similar artists with customizable graphs and a visual breakdown of their total audiences.

  • Get the complete picture: assess the total fan base at one glance or get into details about trends' evolution.

  • Focus on the present or take a deep dive: explore the data on the last 7, 28, 90 days, etc., or select a custom range.

  • Keep an eye on the gain & loss of fans or followers on the different platforms we monitor.

😻 Our users love it 😻

  • The A&R scouts compare the artists to assess each profile's growth and potential and decide which artists to sign.

  • Bookers/Festival Programmers benchmark artists to understand the potential reach of lined-up performers for their event. By comparing artists with similar performances, they can also make up their minds to pick up which one to book.

  • The artist career development teams appreciate this tool to see how similar the artists are, see who makes the same music genre, and organize them to do a featuring song together. They might also want to know which artists are from the same region and review the development of one artist versus the others. They can see which kind of marketing or promotion actions to readopt or the area in which the artist has a more vital advantage.

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