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Monitor a release with Soundcharts
Monitor a release with Soundcharts

Key features you must use to successfully monitor an artist's release

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We know that when issuing a new release, real-time information is crucial. So, let's see how you can use Soundcharts to stay tuned for the release performance over time.

First, if the release is not out in the stores yet, you can submit a form to let us know about it so that we'll proactively track the release on air. More information about this here.

Then, there are two ways of setting up alerts: (i) on the song page or (ii) on the artist page if you're trying to monitor all activity for several songs simultaneously, plus social activity.

Setting up song updates

Stay informed about the latest song performance information as soon - as the song charts or enters any playlist.

  • Click on Manage alerts below the song's name.

  • Choose your ideal email update settings. You can have three options - charts alerts, playlists alerts, and weekly reports.

Chart Alerts: updates for new peak positions (by country, by platform, and by the chart)

Playlists Alerts: updates for new entries (by country, by platform, and by playlist type)

Weekly Reports: artist update reports received on the email inbox (on the days of your choosing)

The weekly report contains the highlights for the Airplay and Charts.

Setting up artist updates

A release can also impact the artist's audience, playlisting, charts, and airplay.

Track the artist's performance across different channels, platforms, and countries by receiving notifications even when you are not behind your computer!

  • Click "Manage alerts" below the artist's name.

  • Choose your ideal email update settings. You can have three options - chart alerts, playlist alerts, and weekly reports.

  • In weekly reports, it contains the Audience, Airplay, and Playlists highlights.

  • The audience's highlights are only in an artist's weekly reports.

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