A radio play is missing in the airplay tracklisting of Soundcharts. Why so?
There are at least two reasons that can explain why a radio play is not showing:

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Reason n°1: the radio station is not tracked by Soundcharts

We monitor more than 1,900 radio stations in over 76 countries worldwide (update from 03/17/2022).

Check the complete list here.

👉 What can I do?

Every month, we add new radio stations depending on user requests and internal research. You have one up to your sleeve. Please fill out this form HERE for radio additions to Soundcharts! (FYI: We prioritize requests from paying users.)

Reason n°2: data issue

Whoops! Sometimes releases are not well connected to our data and the correct artist, but it's rare.

👉 What can I do?

Contact us with the Spotify link of the track you're looking for and the timestamps of its plays with screenshots at help@soundcharts.com so that we can have a closer look into it.

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