The Instagram details page presents valuable insights about an artist's social engagement. The page is divided into two categories: Demographics, and Engagement. 

Instagram analytics is a premium feature, available in all paid plans. If you are not yet a customer and you'd like to try it out, you can explore it for free on Tones and I profile.

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  • Live Industry uses Instagram demographic insights to define the cities of a tour, target the public to sell the tickets, or know the best size of venues in each place with the Instagram Top cities and countries feature, and more!

  • Marketers and Managers love Instagram insights so they can analyze the impact of a campaign on the fan base engagement, adjust their new campaigns strategy based on their target market on Instagram. Or still, check which kind of content works with the artist community with the Top posts feature. 

  • A&Rs think Instagram analytics is helpful to discover what is the artist potential on different territories, understand the personality of the artists by the content they share or even see who's in the artist network with the notable followers feature

Start tracking Instagram Data

If you do not see Instagram analytics data in the Audience section:

  • Go to the Instagram Analytics tab.

  • Submit the artist's Instagram URL

  • After the validation from Soundcharts team, the data will be displayed


On the Demographics section, you can see at a glance the gender share, age, and spoken language of artist followers.

Top Cities and Countries

With our heat map, you can quickly see what countries and cities have the biggest audience on Instagram and how the fan base evolved in those territories from one month to another. 

Specifically for the United States, you can filter audience volumes by state. 

Note: The evolutions will be available only 30 days after the Instagram Analytics of the artist began to be tracked.

Is the content shared on Instagram engaging with the fan base is engaging? 

On the Engagement metrics block, you can see the key Instagram engagement metrics that indicate how the artist is communicating with Instagram followers.

Engagement rate

Average post engagements (comments & likes) divided by the total number of followers in the last 2 months.

Average likes per post

Ratio of the likes divided by total posts.

Average views per post

Ratio of the views divided by total posts.

Average comments per post

Ratio of the comments divided by total posts.

Notable followers share

Share of notable followers in the artist’s audience.

What type of content performs the best to engage the fan base of the artist?

Figure out what type of content works the best with the best performing posts of each artist check the Top 10 posts of all time by engagement (likes & comments).

What is the network the artist nurtures? 

Knowing the entourage of the artist might be essential for a new campaign, featuring, or just to know what other personalities are interested in ones to work. Use the Notable followers feature and stay tuned on the top followers (influencers, celebrities, artists) by subscribers.

Understanding better the artists' personality

The two last features of this page let you know what the most used hashtags and account tags by the artist are. Use this feature to identify the movements and projects the artist support or the messages he mostly wants to communicate or still what are the brands or people one often has interactions with. 

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