What are the "charts" on Soundcharts?

On Soundcharts, we have charts from Airplay, Amazon, Anghami, Apple Music, Deezer, Genius, iTunes, Line Music, QQ Music, Shazam, Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube.

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We classify them into two categories: charts retrieved via API or charts made by Soundcharts.

Charts made by Soundcharts :

  • Airplay shows the top 400 most played songs on the radio, daily or weekly, by country and radio station.

  • TikTok global weekly top 2,000 links or tracks rank based on 7-day video counts on a rolling basis.

Charts retrieved from API:

  • Amazon: New release and top types

  • Anghami: Daily international, International oldies, Most downloaded international...etc

  • Apple Music: Country types

  • Deezer: Country charts

  • Genius: Country, Pop, R&B

  • iTunes: Alternative, Arabic, Blues, Bollywood, Brasilian music...etc

  • Line Music: Japan top 100, Animation, Classic, Dance, Electronic...etc

  • QQ Music: Global

  • Shazam: Global top 200, AfroBeats, Alternative, Country, City charts...etc

  • Spotify: Daily top songs, Viral Songs; Weekly top songs, Blues, Brazilian funk &Hip Hop...etc

  • Tiktok: Country Trending, Viral, #Challenge, Global Hits, Latin Hits...etc

  • YouTube: Country charts

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