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What happens when I upgrade my plan?

Upgrade to the PRO plan to get access to all features for your team

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To upgrade to the PRO Plan, you first need to make sure you are a team owner and then follow these steps to lead you to the Soundcharts pricing page.

> Click on your name (bottom left corner)

> Click on your team name

> Go to the Plan & billing section

> Click on See plans

When you upgrade, it will start a new billing cycle. The unused period of your current cycle will be automatically deducted from your new invoice.

E.g.: You started paying for a monthly Artist Plan for one user on January 1st. You are therefore paying 10 dollars per month every 1st of the month. If you wish to go from an Artist Plan to a PRO Plan on February 14th, this will start a new billing cycle.
This means that you should be paying 129 dollars on February 14th. But you still have 14 days left in the month so this period will be deducted from your new billing. You will only pay 124 dollars on February 14th (129 - 10/2 = 124).
Therefore, you will pay 129 dollars on March 14th (the next billing date).

If you are facing issues with this or need advice on which plan to choose, feel free to reach out to the team via or the in-app support chat.

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