You first need to know if you are a team member or an owner - as only the latter can add users — more about levels of permissions here.

You can only invite new users if your team is under the PRO subscription. You cannot add new users on Soundcharts for artists or 10 artists subscriptions.

If you are an owner using PRO Plan, there are two options, depending if your subscription contains enough seats for you to add a new user to the team:

1. You already have user credits available

In this case, to add users to your team, you can:

> Go to your settings

> Click on the tab called Users

> Click on the Add users button

> Write in the email address of the user you wish to invite

2. You do not have user credits available

In this case, you can upgrade the number of users in your plan. To do so, you can:

> Go to your settings

> Click on the tab called Plan & billing

> Click on Change plan

> Put in the total number of users you wish to have

> Proceed to checkout

We will charge the prorated amount at the end of the current billing period.

E.g., let's say you chose PRO Plan billed monthly. You started paying for 1 user on January 1st but decided to have 2 users on January 15th. You will therefore pay:

  • USD 129 on January 1st for user 1 for January

  • USD 64.50 (129/2) on January 15th for user 2 for the remaining days of January

  • USD 258 (129*2) on February 1st for users 1 and 2

If you are facing issues with this, feel free to reach out to the team via or through the in-app support chat.

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