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Types of playlists on Soundcharts
Types of playlists on Soundcharts

Easily filter information when analyzing present or past playlist entries

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Soundcharts monitors millions of playlists from Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify & YouTube (see our data sources for more information).

Here is how we categorized playlists on Soundcharts:


Mixes generated by Spotify for each user such as: Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, On Repeat, [Artist name] Mix, Release Radar, Rewind, Time Capsule, Your Top Songs, etc.


Playlists that replicate official charts positions.

Curators & Listeners

Playlists that are owned by independent curators, not affiliated with the platforms.


Playlists curated by platform editors.

Editorial Personalized (Algotorial)

Personalized editorial playlists, curated by the platforms, then personalized to each listener.

Major label

Playlists brands owned by the majors (Digster, Filtr, Topsify).


User-generated playlist from any Artist, Song, or Album page.

This is...

Greatest Hits playlists, curated by the platforms.

If we are missing a playlist, please send over the link using the chat, and we will add it to the tracking! 🙂

If you are not yet a customer and want to try it out, you can explore it for free on Tones and I's profile.

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