Soundcharts monitors over 10 million playlists from Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify & YouTube.

Here are the types of playlists:


Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, On Repeat, Release Radar, Rewind, Time Capsule, Your Top Songs, etc.


Playlists that replicate official charts positions.

Curators & Listeners

Playlists that are owned by independent curators, not affiliated to the platforms.


Playlists curated by platform editors.

Editorial Personalized (Algotorial)

Personalized editorial playlists, curated by the platforms, then personalized to each listener.

Major label

Playlists brands that are owned by the majors (Digster, Filtr, Topsify).


User-generated playlist from any Artist, Song, or Album page.

This is...

Greatest Hits playlists, curated by the platforms.

....and if we are missing a playlist just send over the link using the chat, and we will add it to the tracking! 🙂

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