The New Music Friday chart is self-made by Soundcharts.

Every week we will showcase the top new releases with this new chart. Build from the 58 New Music Friday playlists in the Spotify ecosystem; this chart is generated from a combination of metrics with a maximum of 2,000 songs.

The chart is updated hourly from Thursday to Saturday!

(More about how often Soundcharts updates charts and playlists!)

There are three columns in the chart that you can use for sorting the data:

  1. Playlist: number of playlists that the song is on

  2. Total reach: sum of the followers of the playlists that the song is on

  3. SC score: the sum of each playlist follower divided by the position of the song

    To get the score, we need to calculate the points of each playlist by using the two metrics:

    1. Points per playlist: the number of playlist followers divided by the song's position

    2. The score of a song: sum of the points of each playlist


Song 1 is in playlist A in position 5 with 10,000 followers → 2,000 points

Song 1 is in playlist B in position 2 with 1,000 followers → 500 points

👉 The score of Song 1 is 2,500

Song 2 is in the playlist C in position 3 with 10,000 followers → 3,333 points

👉 The score of Song 2 is 3,333

In this case, Song 2 will have a better ranking than Song 1.

(More about how the charts work on Soundcharts!)

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