Every week this chart (visible here) showcases the top new global releases. Build from the 59 New Music Friday playlists in the Spotify ecosystem; this chart is generated from a combination of metrics and has a 2,000-song limit.

The chart is updated hourly from Thursday to Saturday! Read more about chart updates here.

There are three columns that you can use to sort songs in the chart:

  1. Playlists: the number of playlists

  2. Total reach: sum of the followers of these playlists

  3. SC score: for each playlist, we calculate a "followers/position" score and then add these together for a combined SC score


Song A is in playlist x. It has 10k followers. Track is position 5 → 10k/5 = 2,000 points

Song A is also in playlist y. It has 1k followers. Track is position 2 = 500 points

👉 Song A SC score = 2,500

Song B is in playlist x. It has 10k followers. The track is position 2 → 5,000 points

👉 The score of Song B is 5,000

In this case, Song B will have a better ranking than Song A.

Feel free to reach out to help@soundcharts.com if you have any questions :)

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