Every week this chart showcases the top new global releases. Build from the 59 New Music Friday playlists in the Spotify ecosystem; this chart is generated from a combination of metrics and has a 2,000 song limit..

The chart is updated hourly from Thursday to Saturday!

(More about how often Soundcharts updates charts and playlists!)

You can sort the chart three ways:

  1. Playlists: the number of playlists

  2. Total reach: sum of the followers of these playlists

  3. SC score: For each playlist we calculate a score which is "followers / position" and then add these together for a combine SC score. see exemple.


Song A is in playlist x. It has 10k followers. Track is position 5 → 10k/5 = 2,000 points

Song A is also in playlist y. It has 1k followers. Track is position 2 = 500 points

👉 Song A SC score = 2,500

Song B is in playlist x. It has with 10k followers. Track is position 2 → 5,000 points

👉 The score of Song B is 5,000

In this case, Song 2 will have a better ranking than Song 1.

(More about how the charts work on Soundcharts!)

Feel free to reach out to help@soundcharts.com if you have any questions :)

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