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Once in the artist/song profile, the overview is the first view you land on. The song and artist overviews are very similar, the only difference being that the artist's overview displays total fans per social.

The overview tab shows the performance highlights of an artist, including total fans, Top 5 TikTok links & total TikTok videos, top playlists entries by the number of followers or country, and Airplay Top 5 countries' performances over the last 28 days.

πŸ† Champion Tips πŸ†

  • Edit links allow you to submit the artist's socials missing in the profile.

  • Click on any line on the playlists or airplay section to be redirected to the dedicated section on Soundcharts and understand what is behind these high-lever numbers.

  • Pick up a custom timeframe for Tiktok monitoring to adjust the granularity of the data.

  • If you have a PRO plan, your team has complete overviews so you can have insights into many artists!

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  • Sourcing jobs like A&Rs or festival programmers like to know how the artist they want to sign is performing before monitoring them closer.

  • Members of the artist career development team can see the total fans, playlist, and airplay performance of an artist that did the same event as the artist they work with.

If you are not yet a customer and want to try it out, you can explore it for free on Tones and I's profile.

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