Following growing demand, we built these filters to focus only on the content that interests you most in charts and playlist pages! Users can now stay focused on discovery when browsing charts/playlists.

The filters include (i) the artist's country and (ii) the blocklists.

🌎 Artist country filter

On Soundcharts, you can choose to review only artists from a specific country and disregard the others. Select the artist's country that you want to view in charts and playlists. You can decide to select several countries.

🎡 Blocklists

On Soundcharts, you build your own (personal and unique) blocklists.

The blocklists allow you to hide any artist, song, or label from the charts/playlists. Once triggered on a chart/playlist, they are hidden on any other chart/playlist!

Chart and playlist new entry notifications can take into account these blocklists - so you won't receive new entries matching these.

How to use

1. Go to the charts or playlist section.

2. Select the blocklists.

3. Pick which blocklists you'd like to use between songs, artists, and labels.

4. You can see the little hide buttons close to the name of artists, songs, and labels. By clicking on it, you can decide to hide the artists, songs, or labels that are not of your interest.

To display all of the charts' lines, you will need to click on All blocklists.

To add again an artist/label/song that you hid in the past, click on the show button that appeared instead of the hide one. The item will be readded to your dashboard next time you look at a chart/playlist.

😻 Our users love it 😻

A&Rs and A&R scouts use these to search for artists with specific nationalities to sign; they also use the blocklists to hide the most prominent artists or the artists they know they won’t sign to see only new artists in these charts and playlists.

With these custom filters, you can avoid overwhelming data and focus on what truly matters to you. πŸ’Ž

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