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How does Label types work?
How does Label types work?

Label types feature and how you can make the most out of it

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Label types enables you to access and export detailed information about labels when viewing charts and playlists.

With this mapped metadata, you can now see if a song is released by a major, an indie, or a self-released artist. Additionally, you can use the Label types filter with other available filters and blocklists to hide songs that do not match your criteria, leaving you with only the desired songs in view. Also, you can search for a specific label to see all its releases in a particular chart or playlist.

How does this feature work?

To create this functionality, our team referenced over 25,000 labels and categorized them into three types:

  • Majors: 111 UMG labels, 43 Sony labels, and 51 Warner labels

  • Indie labels: over 23,000 indies, including 17 parent companies like BMG, Believe, or Concord, who collectively own 254 labels

  • Self-released: artist-owned labels

Any remaining labels are automatically tagged as "unknown" and are subject to future enrichment as we are constantly working to improve our "self-releasing" tagging and overall architecture.

If your label is tagged as "unknown", you can contact us at We'll do our best to enrich our data.

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