In the "Audience" tab, we focus on the artist's socials, events, and DSP fanbase growth. There are four sub-tabs - Insights, Instagram analytics, TikTok analytics, and YouTube.

  • The top city and country consumption heat map helps understand where the artist is being heard.

    • Spotify monthly listeners: We get the top 50 cities and aggregate that with top country metrics.

    • YouTube views: We have the metric only for 16k artists. Those are the artists that are on YouTube charts.

    • Instagram followers: This number is the same in Instagram analytics.

  • Fan base over time helps analyze the long-tail impact of the fan base evolution after an event or release.

  • You might have data since 2015 at the earliest. This is the year that we started operations. We gradually aggregate all the socials that we can track.

  • Fan base evolution is a helpful tool for linking reactionary fanbase changes to artist milestones.

  • The daily evolution of Spotify monthly listeners (rolling 30 days) helps see how the artist's listenership developed on the platform to assess the impact of a new release.

  • Youtube Views stats tool summarises streams of all videos featuring artists' music.

47% of all digital streams in the world happen through YouTube, so YouTube views are a vital metric to assess the performance of new music and its impact on the artist's career.

  • Concerts by Songkick shows the artist's past and the upcoming events on Songkick. You can even see the information on the venue and capacity of the concerts or festivals.

🏆 Champion Tip 🏆

On the blocks of this view, you can select the period and the platforms you want to analyze by clicking the dropdown on the right corner.

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