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Key elements you must know about charts in an artist/song profile

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On the "Charts" tab, you can see a complete history of chart positions by country and platform from an artist's and song's profile. Charts on Soundcharts are refreshed as soon as an update is made by our source (Spotify, Deezer, etc.). More about our refresh rate here.

Charts in an artist's profile

Charts view for the artist profile has been covered in-depth in this article. Below is a quick reminder:

  • Choose "All Countries" from the "Countries" dropdown. You can see your charting everywhere on a given platform by altering the "Platforms" dropdown. You can also filter by individual countries.

  • You can even see the album charts on specific platforms. E.g., Amazon, Apple Music, Album, Genuis, iTunes, and Spotify.

Charts in a song's profile

There are two sections - Cumulative table and Details.

  • The Cumulative table shows the current ranking and historical data from different platforms in dedicated sections.

  • In Details, you can see all of the charts related to the song. You can select the platform & country that you want to monitor and export the CSV.

πŸ† Champion Tips πŸ†

  • You can share the chart's data with your colleagues by clicking on "Export CSV" at the top right corner. More about CSV exports on Soundcharts here.

  • You can click on the small triangles to change the different criteria of the order that you want to see

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  • Promoters use charts to see which country the artist and their song are charting to find the potential fits for the events.

  • A&R scouts view the charts library to see if the artist charted before and understand the lifecycle in the charts for each artist's song.

If you are not yet a customer and want to try it out, you can explore it for free on Tones and I's profile.

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