On the “Charts” tab, you can see a complete history of chart positions by country and platform from an artist's and song's profile.

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Charts in an artist's profile

  • Choose “All Countries” from the “Countries” dropdown. You can then see everywhere you’re charting on a given platform by altering the “Platforms” dropdown. You can also filter by individual countries.

  • You can even see the album charts on specific platforms. E.g., Amazon, Apple Music, Album, Genuis, iTunes, and Spotify.

Charts in a song's profile

There are two sections - Cumulative table and Details.

  • In the Cumulative table, you can see the actual ranking and historical data from different platforms in dedicated sections.

  • In Details, you can see all of the charts related to the song. You can select the platform & country that you want to monitor and export the CSV.

🏆 Champion Tips 🏆

  • You can share the chart's data with your colleagues by clicking on "Export CSV" at the top right corner.

    (What to know more about CSV export? Click here!)

  • You can click on the small triangles to change the different criteria of the order that you want to see.

😻 Our users love it 😻

  • Promoters use charts to see which country the artist and their song are charting to find the potential fits for the events.

  • A&R scouts view the charts library to see if the artist charted before and understand the lifecycle in the charts for each artist's song.

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