At multiple areas of the platform, you'll be able to export different tables into a CSV file. It can be helpful to cross the files you are working on with the information given on Soundcharts, and overall, to ease your workflow.

There are two pieces of information to know when exporting CSV files:

  • You can export up to 50,000 rows;

  • What you see on your dashboard will be in your CSV export. Let's say you chose to see only third-party playlist entries on Spotify on your dashboard, then that is what you will be exporting.

Here are the places in the dashboard where you can export CSV files:

In the artist profile:

In the song profile:

In the Market Intelligence section:

All these pages include a CSV export option: just use the dropdowns and filters to build a custom view of your table, and click "Export CSV."

The file will be sent to your inbox like the one below with the file, including all data from that custom view you created! Please be aware that the time it takes us to send you the file depends on the size/length of it.

Open the CSV file:

If you wish that other parts of the platform could be exported into a CSV file, feel free to reach out to 🤝

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