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Our market intelligence section can be found on the left of your screen while using Soundcharts. It is built to discover new talents, take the market's temperature, and compare artists.

Market Charts

This section gathers all the charts per country and worldwide in one tab. Read more about our charts here and their refresh rate here.

The data sources monitored are listed on our data sources page.

Charts can be digital or radio charts. Here is an example of a digital (Shazam) chart. You can check charts per country or city (here in London).

If you pick Airplay as a platform, you can check the most played songs on air per country or station. These can be weekly or daily. The complete listing of radios tracked by our system can be found on our data sources page.

You can also set up notifications and export CSV in each listing! Read more about our CSV exports here.

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  • A&R scouts discover new talents from charts. They can customize blocklists by applying filters on the charts and focus on songs and talents they don't know yet.

  • Booking agencies/Promoters use charts to view which countries the artists chart to assess the artist's audience in the region and arrange the talents to the suitable venues & marketing campaigns.

Compare artists

In this section, you can compare up to 3 artists simultaneously. Here is what you can compare: the total fan base, the fan base over time, the fan base evolution, the Spotify Monthly listeners, the Youtube Views, and the Spotify Fan Retention. More about our compare artists tool here.

😻Our users love it 😻

  • A&R scouts compare the artists to assess each profile's growth and potential.

  • Booking agencies/Promoters benchmark artists to understand the potential reach of lined-up performers for their event and find leverage to negotiate fair deals.

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