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How to review radio charts on Soundcharts?
How to review radio charts on Soundcharts?

About our home-made top 400 radio charts

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Soundcharts monitors more than 2,200 stations (the listing can be found at the bottom of this page).

We, therefore, produce weekly or daily Top 400 charts - per territory (e.g., Global, United States, France, etc.) or per radio (e.g., KEXP, Triple J, etc.). Refresh rates are detailed here.

If you aim to monitor which songs are doing well on the radio, you have several options:

1️⃣ Review the actual chart listing in the discovery

On the left side of your screen, go to Charts, under Discovery.

Select Airplay as a platform in the chart dropdown.

There, you'll be able to review the listing:

2️⃣ Analyze songs' charts entries

When an artist/song appears on our airplay charts, you can have a condensed view of the entry by checking the charts section in the artist's or song's profile. Again, you'll need to select Airplay.

  • Airplay charts in the artist's profile

  • Airplay charts in the song's profile

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