Does Soundcharts have a free plan?

A free experience to discover the tool

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Soundcharts does offer a free experience, with no credit card required!

Suppose you do not have any subscription to Soundcharts/just signed up. In that case, you can still explore all features: airplay, playlist, charts, and social audience monitoring for an unlimited number of artists. This lets you preview how Soundcharts can help you gain data insights and make better decisions.

Limitations to this free access include:

  • Graphs limited to the last 28 days

  • Rows limited in the artist, song, radio and chart sections

  • Unavailable features ("Instagram/TikTok/YouTube Insights", CSV exports, etc.)

If you decide to upgrade, you will be able to choose one of our plans to continue using Soundcharts:

  • Artist plan - Full access to the profile you choose

  • PRO plan - Explore unlimited artists' profiles and market features (blocklists/filters, discovery notifications, compare artists, CSV exports, etc.)

Do you have specific needs outside of the dashboard? Does your team need API access or custom exports? Just fill out this form!

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