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How does the 10 Artists plan work?

The perfect plan for small and medium-sized businesses

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The 10 Artists plan is similar to the Artist plan. Using the same system of credits, it enables you to monitor up to 10 artists. It lets you explore complete artist analytics and gives you access to charts, playlists, and radio plays for the artists you monitor. You can also set alerts and reports for your roster and export data to CSV to build clean reporting.

To access all the data on an artist’s profile, you will need to use 1 credit. Once you have used this credit, you will be able to fully navigate the artist’s profile and benefit from available data.

If you have used your 10 credits and wish to track a new artist, you must lock an artist to unlock another one first. To manage the artists you have unlocked, go to your team settings, as shown below. The column on the right indicates credit availability. Note that once you unlock an artist, you can get your credit back after 28 days.

Example: If you are tracking 10 artists and have used up all your credits, you can only track a new artist only if you stop tracking one of these 10 artists. To do so, you have to wait for one of your credits to reach its availability date.

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This plan is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses - for instance, managers and labels with less than 10 artists in their roster. It’s the perfect fit between an Artist plan and a Pro plan.

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