Access the entire spectrum of an artist’s career on his Soundcharts profile:

  • Track performance across social networks and streaming platforms 

  • Follow daily song entries in charts, playlists, and radio plays

  • Get to know key markets worldwide with estimated audiences

  • Don’t miss a thing: from charts presence to playlist addition and airplay across 1,800+ radio stations over the world

During your trial 

You just started using Soundcharts with our 7-day trial! Within this timeframe, you can check as many artists as you want in our database; more than 2M! 🎉

Trial Over

Once your trial is over, you are automatically assigned to a free plan. This plan only includes artists' overviews.

Subscription activated 

You decided to subscribe to our platform:

  • The Unlimited Artists plan: Explore Unlimited artists' profiles and all market features (charts, playlists, airplay, and still a tool to benchmark artists airplay and audience evolution).

  • The 10 Artists plan: Full access to the profile of 10 artists for 1 user. 10 Artist credits will be added to your team. Using one artist credit to unlock a profile will let you access to the full profile without lockers. 

How to unlock an artist?
Click on 'Access full data profile' button bellow the artist name, and choose your team.

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