What is an artist's 'full' data profile?

Review all public data about an artist and its songs in one same place

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Access the entire spectrum of an artist's career on his Soundcharts profile:

  • Track performance across social networks and streaming platforms 

  • Follow daily song entries in charts, playlists, and radio plays

  • Get to know critical markets worldwide with estimated audiences

  • Don't miss a thing: from charts presence to playlist addition and airplay across thousands of radio stations worldwide.

As a free user

You can review a limited portion of each artist's profile (top 5 lines of each table, time frame limited to 28 days, etc.).

Subscription activated

You decided to subscribe to our platform:

  • The PRO Plan: Explore unlimited artists' profiles and all market features (charts, playlists, airplay, and still a tool to benchmark artists' airplay and audience evolution).

  • The Artist Plan: Full access to the profile you choose. We will allocate one artist credit to your subscription. Using one artist credit to unlock a profile will let you access the complete profile without any locker.

How to unlock an artist?

Click the Access full data profile button below the artist's name, and choose your team.

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