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Personalize my Soundcharts experience
Personalize my Soundcharts experience

Multiple ways to customize your dashboard

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By personalizing your Soundcharts dashboard, you'll be able to have a smoother experience and find the information you need faster. There are four main ways you can do this:

Favorites in the sidebar

  • Favorite artists: reach the artist profiles you are currently monitoring in one click and keep track of the evolution of their audience and achievements

  • Favorite songs: reach the song profiles you are currently monitoring in one click and find out about all radio plays and chart/playlist entries

  • Favorite charts: reach essential market charts for you

Artist & song notifications

  • Chart alerts: Sent to you each time there is a new entry or peak. Define chart alerts according to the country and platform;

  • Playlist alerts: Sent to you each time there is a new entry. Define playlist alerts according to the country, platform, playlist type (official, major owned, charts, 3rd party, radio, or this is...), and followers threshold;

  • Weekly reports: Receive all song or artist's achievements over the last seven days. Define weekly reports according to the country, platform, section (audience, airplay, playlists), and frequency.


Set your preferences to land quickly on the information you are more interested in.

Read more about preferences in this article.

Diminish the sidebar

You get more screen space by diminishing the sidebar while viewing your favorite artists and songs.

Blocklists and market chart alerts

To go the extra mile to personalize your experience, and if one of your needs is discovering new artists, you can use blocklists and discovery notifications.

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